Gervasio J. Barreiro was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1980. During his teenage years he studied in different music schools, such as the Conservatorio J. J. Castro in La Lucila, and the Conservatorio de Música de San Martín, both located in Buenos Aires.

After finishing High School and being fully dedicated to the study of music, he travels to Europe where he discovers a new side of music through violing- making, and becomes so passionate about it that he decides to settle in Italy to study at the I.P.I.A.L.L. (Instituto Professionale Internazionale del Artigianato Liutario e Del Legno, “Antonio Stradivari”, Cremona).

After completing his third year at the school, he acquires a degree as “Operatore di Liuteria” and is awarded a scholarship given by the “Fondazione Walter Stauffer”. He wolud later obtain that same scholarship every year until completing his studies.  

Once he completed his fifth year of studies he graduated as “Tecnico di Liuteria” (Liutaio/Luthier) and having successfully completed the “Area Professionalizzante” courses -taught by the I.P.I.A.L.L.  and the “Regione Lombardia” together- during his forth and fifth years as well, he was able to continue studying until he received a Master´s Degree as a “Maestro Liutaio”.

During his learning process, he was instructed by great masters of contemporary Cremonian violin making, like Lorenzo Marchi, Sandro Asinari, Niccola Lazzari, Eros Barzelari, Bruce Carlson, Giorgio Grisales, among others.He was also examined to get his master´s degree by Primo Pistoni, Giorgio Scolari and Fausto Cacciatori.

In 2006, he returns to Argentina and sets up his workshop in the Northern Suburban Area of Buenos Aires, where he works making finelly-crafted bowed instruments according to the Cremonese tradition. He also restores and repairs old instruments and teaches courses on violin making.

Gervasio Barreiro Luthier. Working on a Violin